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River North Soy Candle

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Let's take a walk so you can envision this candle fragrance. You walk through wooded pine trees and inhale the fresh pine,  evergreen and can smell the hint of berries on a fresh crisp morning. Is it cinnamon and clove blended lightly to create this complex blend that is topped with hints of peppermint? It is. It is also so alluring to my senses that I want to seclude myself in the forest, sit by the pond and lose myself in the morning sun. It's the perfect day to bring a book and a hot tea...I can lose myself and find my soul with this River North candle leading the way.  

Our Grace and Delilah collection of soy candles bring out the best in your home. With fragrances like Sweet Tea, Apple Orchard, Orange Chili Pepper and Beach Daisies you'll surely revel in the wonderful aroma. Winter and Fall fragrances include Roasted Pine cones, Pralines and Pecan, Birthday Cake and River North just to name a few. 25 additional fragrances are in our US States Candles, like Key Lime Pie, Lemon Verbena and Blackberry Sage. Certain Fragrances bring joy to the heart and fond memories to mind. Our Soy candles are poured at optimum temperature with high quality fragrance oils to assure long lasting scent to the end. 

16 oz. candles burn time 60-84 hours (depending on draft/conditions) 

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