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The Delilah Box (Monthly Subscription)

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Who we are~ The Delilah Box is designed for those of us who wish to learn about the lesser known, lesser liked and sometimes more relatable women of the bible. As women of faith, we all strive to be Mary's yet truth be told, there are definitely days we feel more like Delilah. We fall from grace, we make mistakes, love hard, love wrong and carry on. The Delilah Box's goal is to create a community of spiritual women who appreciate and learn from all the women of Christ's time...even the Jezebels. 

What to expect~ Each month is centered around a different gal & includes items relating to our theme. Expect to receive 2 Books, (fiction or non), an herbal tea, bath tea, Bible journaling item, or other relaxation item; a soy candle, and a Study brochure (Most months include a 3rd fun-read Book for a total 2-3 Books & 2-3 accessory items)

You can be reading within the week! Your first box ships within 48 hours. The Delilah subscription Box renews every month unless you cancel or skip the month. 

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