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Alabama State Soy Candle

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Our own line of soy candles "crazy little place called Home" is the perfect gift and home decor item. Each candle features a State fun Fact and list of unique towns.  Each state candle is hand poured with high quality oils to bring the optimum burn time and and long-lasting fragrance. Stroll down memory lane with the fragrance of juicy delicious Peach in our Georgia Candle. or Kentucky Cozy cabin. Collect your hometown state or where you'd like to visit. Collect them all! 

Alabama :  Sweet Tea :  Refreshing tall glass of freshly brewed, sweetened iced tea on a hot summer afternoon.

Sweet Magnolia: The sweet smell of a Magnolia Tree blossom. 

Our Candles come gift ready in coordinated boxes with shredded paper and a gift card too if you request online check out. 

(60-85 hours depending on draft conditions)

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With unique town names...crazy lil' place called home. Choose your state or Send a friend!

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