Our Contributors

Shelby Bowers joined us in 2020. Shelby writes our stories and series for the newsletters and booklets. I'd like to introduce her...

Hey there- my name’s Shelby and I’m one of the behind the scenes writers here at Grace and Delilah! As you might be able to guess, writing is one of my favorite hobbies- there’s just something special about having a pen in hand, or more accurately these days- dancing away on a keyboard. In my current full-time role with the state of Maryland, I ghost write letters for government leaders and officials, which, contrary to how it might sound, is a lot of fun for me! If you’re not familiar with the concept of ghost writing, it just means that I write for others while staying hidden behind the scenes- just the way I like! I’m also an adjunct professor, because I love to teach and mentor young minds to help them grow in their writing skills as well. When I’m not working, you’ll find me writing or editing for one of my awesome freelance clients (like, hint, hint, wink, wink- the amazing- Grace and Delilah!), working on my podcast (Stories with Shelby), hanging out with my awesome XR Church family, loving on my own family, including my sweetheart husband Nathan and our cutie patootie puppy, Teddy.

Blessings to you,