Books in "sold out" mode are new releases? 

  You might be shopping and see some awesome new releases and they are in the sold out mode. These books are the upcoming Months Delilah Box feature book, and we have them in stock. The first of the following months, once all subscribers receive their book the inventory will be updated and they will be available for purchase. 

When will my box ship?

First time subscribers boxes always ship within 3 days of purchase. Subscriptions renew on the 15th and ship the 18th-19th of that month. (Unless you have changed your renewal date, by preference, then the box will ship within 2 days) 

When will I be billed?

Renewals are billed the day of the month you first subscribed (unless you have chosen an alternate date) . Address changes (if you want to ship your box to another recipient) needs to be made the day before your renewal.  

How do I make changes to my account?

You can manage your account by logging Grace and Delilah. Once logged in you can change your shipping address, update billing, cancel or skip a renewal.

How Do I join The Delilah Club online?

Subscribers receive access to our online community of like minded women via our Facebook group, The Delilah Club. To request access, enter "The Delilah Box Subscribers Book Club" into your search box on Facebook and select the group from the drop down. Click the button to request access & you will be added within 24 hours.  Share your book reviews with other subscribers. We'd love to hear your feedback!

Do I have to subscribe to receive a Delilah box?

   No, you can purchase a one time box for yourself or as a gift. You can also subscribe and cancel (through, we'd hate to see you go!) or skip a month. You can skip multiple months or ship the box each month to different friends to share the love. If you were a previous subscriber its always nice to receive a note letting us know, so we don't send you a "intro Box" and you might receive a duplicate book.

Entry forms for online drawing: You can enter the drawing without making a purchase by writing your name, address and phone number on a 4x6 card and mailing to : 89 River Ridge Circle, Scottsboro AL 35769