Puah...the Egyptian Midwife who stopped the Kings Plot!

Puah...the Egyptian Midwife who stopped the Kings Plot!

 Have you ever felt the need to please people? It’s such a slippery slope, right? And what happens when different people in your life want opposing things for you? Quickly it becomes impossible to please both parties. I’m sure we all can relate. How about the two best friends who both want to be the maid-of-honor? The parents and the in-laws who both want you to bring the kids to their house on Christmas morning? The two bosses at work who want you on their deadline at the same time? In these situations in life, all you can do is focus on doing what is right for you (minus maybe in the work scenario), and accept the fact that you simply can’t please everyone. Puah came to this same realization as she faced an even greater dilemma.

You see, Puah was an Egyptian midwife, likely in a high position, such as chief over all the 500+ midwives. This position was appointed to her by the Egyptian government, which was all fine and good until King Pharaoh decided to call upon one of his government employees to carry out an awful deed. Pharaoh called upon Puah and commanded her and her fellow chief to destroy all male children as they were born. Wait- say what? Pharaoh is asking the very women who help take care of women and their babies through the birthing process to kill the babies? Sounds like a horror movie to me! And a bad business strategy- to murder your clients’ children!

But Puah was a woman of God and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that murdering these newborns would clearly be a sin, against the will of God. And so, she quickly found herself in a dilemma of who to obey: her God or her King. And despite the anger and potential consequences from the King, Puah chose to honor God and save the lives of the baby boys. What a testament of obedience to God! Puah is a great reminder to us that pleasing God should always be our top priority, no matter what others around us may think. Obedience to God will always be worth it. Read more about Puah’s story in Exodus 1.

by Shelby Bowers

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