Meet Jedidah ....the woman behind the King

Meet Jedidah ....the woman behind the King

Ever heard of the expression, “behind every strong man is an even stronger woman”? Well, many of us have heard of the strong kings in the Bible, but what do we know about their wives, hiding behind the scenes?

Take King Amon for example. He became the King of Judah when he was only twenty-two years old (wowza, that seems young!). But get this- he was only king for TWO YEARS. What happened, you ask? Why was his time so short as king? The answer is simple- he was evil and did not lead the people in a godly manner. So, Amon’s own servants murdered him (yikes! He sure didn’t see that one coming!). And here’s where his wife, Jedidah, enters the picture from behind the scenes, holding the hand of their eight-year-old son, Josiah. A mother and son- here to save the day! (I like the sound of that!) 

You see, even though Josiah had a wicked father in the late King Amon, his mother, Jedidah, was a godly woman who had a legacy of honoring God and doing what was right. Can you imagine how hard that must have been for her to stay so strong in the faith when her husband was so wicked? And for her to not only keep her strong faith, but to also raise their son to be strong in his faith too? Talk about staying strong through adversity!

 So, thanks to Jedidah’s faith and teaching of her son, the people of Judah saw an eight-year-old king rise to the throne and do an even better job leading than his dad. Josiah would reign as the good King of Judah for the next thirty-one years of his life, and not just an average reign, but a very prosperous one! Can you imagine how proud Jedidah must have been? She changed the legacy of their family, quite literally from evil (with Amon) to good (with Josiah), and all from staying strong in her faith and raising her child to do what’s right in the eyes of God.

 For all you Moms out there, whether biological mothers or spiritual mothers, we hope you can be encouraged by Jedidah’s story. Raising your children to love God is one of the greatest legacies that you can leave behind and also one of the most important roles that you can fulfill. The faith of a mom is a powerful faith!  

story by Shelby Bowers

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