Lois...A grandmothers Legacy

Lois...A grandmothers Legacy

Many of us hold the term “grandmother” near and dear to heart, along with a variety of other fond nicknames, from Nana, to Granny, Grandma, and so on. Whether we have grandchildren of our own or we simply treasure the memories spent with our own grandparents, there’s just something special about the love of a grandparent. But did you know that the term “grandmother” is actually only used one time throughout the entire Bible?

Lois is the one and only grandmother who is mentioned by that title in the Bible, and wow, can you imagine the honor of being the only one! If Lois only knew that her grandparenting would be a role model for years to come! Talk about leaving a legacy!

 Lois was the grandmother of Timothy, who you probably recognize by the two letters Timothy’s mentor wrote to him. And who was Timothy’s mentor, you ask? None other than the legendary Paul himself. Paul’s letters to Timothy are recorded in the Bible as the books of 1 and 2 Timothy. And wow, how cool would that be to be mentored by such a giant of the faith! You see, Paul was the one who witnessed to Timothy, his mother, and his grandmother and lead them to the faith. And from there on out, Paul and Lois, Timothy’s grandmother, would take a special interest in mentoring Timothy in his faith journey. What a great reminder of how important it is to have someone in the faith pouring into you and helping you grow!  

 Lois poured so much of herself into mentoring Timothy that Paul even gives a shout out to her in the biblical text to honor her for the hard work she did in teaching both her daughter and her grandson about the Old Testament scriptures. Paul refers to Lois’ faith as “unfeigned” in the biblical text, or in other words, incredibly genuine and sincere. What a compliment, to be known for such faith! And Paul was clearly thankful that Lois played such an important role in fostering this same type of genuine faith in Timothy. Can you imagine how proud Lois must have been to know that later in life, her precious grandson not only remembered the teachings of his youth, but followed the calling, and even went with Paul on one of his famous missionary journeys? Proud grandma alert right here!

I just love the legacy that Lois left behind- through her grandson and through her genuine faith. What kind of legacy are you building? Who are you being mentored by, and who are you mentoring? Let’s be encouraged by Lois and go out today to strengthen our faith and grow our mentoring relationships!

Story by Shelby Bowers

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