Deborah...A fiery woman indeed

Deborah...A fiery woman indeed

We have all heard about Deborah in the Bible, but who thought she was a Bad girl of the Bible? Certainly not me! Deborah was one of the “seven prophetesses” who stood her ground in a group of strong willed and un-faltering women. Her sisterhood of 6 other prophetesses included Sarah, Miriam, Hannah, Abigail and Esther. These 7 women and their combined lives reflect a mystic path of spiritual evolution that is as pertinent to our lives today as it was for the biblical societies in which they lived.

       Deborah was the first and only woman Judge mentioned in the Bible. I’d say she deserved to be called “fiery woman” by the townspeople.  She was a prominent and an exquisite lady. Her love for God and serving him was unparalleled. She did not question God’s voice or wonder what others will say about her, she simply had the faith to do what God told her, and God had some mighty big plans for her.

       Today you might hear a cluster of women talking about their achievements but wait until you hear about the story about Deborah who lead a army of Israelites to a victory over their Canaanite dictators, then ordered her sidekick heroine Jael to kill Sisera who was the commander of the Canaanite army.  She hammered a tent peg into his temple! Yikes, the old Testament sure has some barbaric tales! Deborah’s concern is following God’s instructions for her, she did not concern herself with whether people will follow or not.  Upon the victorious battle result, the people who had sinned, learned from their hardship and repented to the Lord. All worked for the glory of God.  (Judges 4-6)

      Deborah was a prophet, heroine and I would say a bad girl in the good sense that she showed some great influence in her time, which was actually 1127 BC. (Born in 1067 and died in 1107 after over 40 years of Judging Israel) Read more about our first female Judge, national leader, songwriter, minstrel and military commander in the book of Judges. 

    I believe I will try to hone in some Deborah vibes and look simply to what I believe God has planned for me without worry of tomorrow. 

Story by Taylor Hill

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