Huldah...the Faithful Prophet

Huldah...the Faithful Prophet

Have you ever spoken on someone’s behalf before? Maybe it was to advocate for your infant, who’s not yet able to speak, or someone who is struggling with a physical or mental illness and unable to communicate clearly, or maybe even for your place of work, giving a presentation or speech on behalf of your agency? Many of us have experience with this in some way, shape, or form, but can you imagine speaking on behalf of our great God? No pressure there! That’s what the prophets in the Bible did. They had the gift of receiving clear communication from God and were tasked with sharing those messages with people on this Earth. Today we want to introduce you to a prophet that perhaps you’ve never heard of. Her name is Huldah. Huldah was known for her incredible prophecy and her story is a mind blowing one!

This story is set in Jerusalem, with the good King Josiah leading the people. It was an average day at the King’s place and the High Priest was going about his duties as normal, just working on his bookkeeping tasks, when out of nowhere, he finds a copy of the lost Book of the Law! Now, sure, maybe you’re thinking, what’s the big deal to lose a book? But this wasn’t just any book. It was the book that Moses wrote for the people after hearing from God. This book is what Israel used to base its entire religion and political system! Not having this book around was like losing the owner’s manual and not knowing how to fly the plane and not being able to Google a copy of the instructions! Can you even imagine the panic in losing that? And the great relief in finally finding it again? The fact that the people lost the book in the first place was a bad sign of their carelessness, especially in their faith. After all, how do you lose a book that you should be referring to every day?!

 Here’s where our heroin, Huldah, enters the story! Since Huldah was a renowned prophet, King Josiah immediately sent for her, so she could take a look at the Book and advise accordingly. Huldah knew exactly what the Book meant and what God was wanting to communicate to the people through it and spoiler alert- it was bad news! Huldah shared the message that their nation would be struck with disaster because they had forgotten about God. Uh oh! But wait- there is still a bit of good news here!   We’re not done yet! God said that because King Josiah was a good king who honored God, the destruction of the nation would not happen in King Josiah’s lifetime. From then on, because of Huldah’s prophetic message, the King and the people vowed to rededicate their lives to God and serve Him more faithfully. Can you imagine how elated and proud Huldah was in that moment? You go girl!

Huldah’s story is a reminder to us that our faith should always be a priority in our lives. We have to be careful to not let our faith become a book that just sits on a shelf collecting dust. Or a book that gets lost in a collection of other books and never read. Our faith should be a living and active one, that we daily exercise! Read more about Huldah’s story in 2 Kings & 2 Chronicles!   

Story by Shelby Bowers

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