Abishag...Nurse to King David, sorta

Abishag...Nurse to King David, sorta

When was the last time you updated your resume? Maybe it’s been collecting dust in an old folder or on a digital shelf or maybe you just recently polished it off when you applied for that promotion at work. Maybe you have a skills section on it, where you list some of the many qualities that you bring to the table for your employer. Maybe you list qualities such as being: beautiful, a virgin, young, and physically healthy. Wait a minute… those qualities don’t belong on a resume… right?! Well, those are the very qualities that landed dear young Abishag a job as a “nurse” for the dying King David.

I use the term “nurse” loosely here because this was no ordinary job description. King David’s doctor prescribed quite the interesting treatment. He recommended that a young lady come in to spend time with him, take care of him, and lay with him at night to keep his ailing body warm. The hope was that her physical touch and care would breathe some life back into King David. And that’s where Abishag came in with the “resume” to fit. But I can’t imagine how this poor girl must have felt to be brought in to be with this dying King, only to spend time with him for a few brief moments before he passed away. So much for that theory, doc. I guess a woman’s touch doesn’t heal all wounds after all.   

But after King David died, the love vibes didn’t stop spreading throughout the royal chambers. One of King David’s sons, the rebellious Adonijah, decided that he wanted to pursue Abishag as his wife. Um… hang on a second. Can you imagine how strange that must’ve been for Abishag? First, she was pursued to be with a dying man, only to then be hit on by his son thereafter? If I was Abishag I would’ve run for the hills after King David died and leave that awkward experience behind me. This is all just seeming a bit odd for me! Thankfully, King David’s other son Solomon, who he anointed as heir to the throne before he died, caught wind of these desires and put a stop to them. Solomon saw the real reason behind his brother’s desires in wanting to claim Abishag as his wife. He knew that this was a back-handed attempt to steal the title of King. Solomon could put up with his brother’s antics no longer and ordered for him to be executed. Wow, Abishag, sweet girl, you caused quite the commotion in King David’s family!    

So, what can we take away from Abishag’s story? Though her time with King David was short, she fulfilled her role and her purpose in that season. And though the job may have seemed small, odd, and insignificant, she provided warmth and care to King David in his final days, and for that, I’m sure King David was grateful. May this be a reminder to us that even when we feel like something we are doing is so small and maybe even an “odd job”, God can still give purpose and meaning to what we’re doing in that season. We just have to trust Him and His plan.

Story by Shelby Bowers

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