Women of the Bible series

This position was appointed to her by the Egyptian government, which was all fine and good until King Pharaoh decided to call upon one of his government employees to carry out an awful deed.

Puah...the Egyptian Midwife who stopped the Kings Plot!

 Have you ever felt the need to please people? It’s such a slippery slope, right? And what happens when different people in your life want opposing things for you? Quickly it becomes impossible to please both parties. I’m sure we all can relate. How about the two best friends who both want to be the maid-of-honor? The parents and the... View more
After her husband passed away, their son Ahaziah took the throne, but the poor lad only had the chance to reign for a year before he would suffer a great wound in battle that would take his life. Our empathy alert is flashing here, thinking, that poor woman! First, she lost her husband, then not long after she lost her son too! Any reasonable human being would quite probably be a train wreck at that point. Oh, the heart break! But not so much for Athaliah

Athaliah...Daughter of Jezebel

LEGACY. What’s yours? What story of your life will live on way beyond your time on this earth? Many of us leave our greatest legacy through our beloved children. We also leave a legacy through the lives that we impact every day- hopefully for the better! But the woman we’d like to introduce you to today… well, she left behind... View more
But that’s not all of the burdens Hannah had to bear. You see, people would even make fun of Hannah for her fiercest weapon- prayer! And while you’d think that this would be demotivating to Hannah in her prayer life- she didn’t let it stop her. What a prayer warrior she was! 

Hannah...for the love (literally) of God

Have you ever desired something so deeply, that your heart genuinely just aches for it? Maybe it’s the heart longing to spend time with a loved one who’s passed away. Or a desire for deeper connection and intimacy with a loved one. Or a desire to bring about change for a cause that’s heavy on your heart. For Hannah, that... View more