The Gift is in the Giving

The Gift is in the Giving

The Gift is In the Giving.

Last weekend Richard turned 60. To help celebrate, his brother Boomer and Boomer's bride Darlene surprised Richard with a weekend visit. We planned it a few weeks ahead of time and I've got to tell you it is hard to keep that sort of thing a secret, but i thought i did my best. On the morning they were to arrive Richard said to me "What time will they be here?" Oh no, how did he find out? I played dull (not much of challenge for me these days) and i asked "Who?". To which Richard responded with "the chimney repair people". Ah yes, they were scheduled for that Saturday morning. Whew. When Boomer and Darlene pulled up in the driveway, I said “Hey someone's in the driveway, go see what’s happening”. Richard looked out the window and exclaimed "That's my brother, my brother and Darlene are here! He was just so excited ~ it made my heart happy.
Anyways, we all enjoy each other's company, no putting on airs and it's always a blessing to have them spend their time with us.
Usually, we all tear apart the kitchen cooking up a storm, but I wanted to treat Richard for his birthday to suppers at Wintzell's on Saturday and Bama Buck's Sunday after worship, so the kitchen remained relatively composed.
Supper at Wintzell's was a blast and our Alabama "family" Belle and Tina were there with us. Genuine family (the ones who love you in spite of how you look or what ails you) just seems so hard to come by these days so grab on to good friends and claim them as relatives. If you all are believers then you're already related, you just need to say it and set it all to rights
Sunday as we were heading out to Bama Buck's Boomer happened to see a squirrel take a bloom from my Tulip Tree (aka Jane's Magnolia). Now that kinda bothered me. I'm rather excited about having that little tree and hadn't considered that I might have to share it. (I was already fussing about the freezing wind and possible snow killing off the showy flowers.) It was a pleasant surprise when the buds first showed themselves (we didn't know what it was when we bought our home) and I'd been out there praying that our LORD would allow those blooms to open up and show their beauty in spite of the weather. And He did bless me with a yes to my prayer and her blooms spread their petals wide as though receiving God's words.

       I started thinking about that thieving squirrel and imagined him racing back to his lady love with a little gift. Then it occurred to me that tree was entrusted to me by God to tend to and also to that squirrel for his little measure of joy. God never said I owned it. We are talking Genesis 1 and 2 right here. No, He created it because it was pleasing to look at and had a tender little fragrance. He enjoys fragrant offerings. He entrusted it to me with the work of tending to it and to subdue and rule over it (prune and feed and weed ~ oh that curse of weeds). He set that tree in our yard because He knew I'd have the pleasure of gardening something new and different to me. My garden in our previous home was abundantly succulents and this will be something new, a genuine learning curve, new adventures in plant nurseries! And He set that tree right there for that squirrel.

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