For the Love of Popcorn

For the Love of Popcorn

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Popcorn In Alabama

My husband and I enjoy fresh popcorn. With butter. Real butter. And kosher salt (those nice bits of salty goodness that don’t disappear in the melted butter), sometimes with a hint of garlic powder and on rare occasions with a wisp of sugar, and of course butter. And not the cheap stuff. Nope, popcorn calls for the upper shelf butter. The higher dollar butter. The rich in fat butter. In truth popcorn may be an avenue to enjoy butter. Except that we like popcorn. With butter. We prefer air popped but will make do with popcorn in oil. Avocado oil. Only because there is no butter oil functional for popping corn.

There’s three lines of thinking when moving out of California 1) sell everything and buy new when you get to your next home (sounds pricey to me and you are at the mercy of suppliers), 2) pack up everything yourself and haul it to your new home (whew not for the out of shape) or 3) have a moving company do it all for you (it can be pricey but no aches and pains and you get to sleep in your own bed when you arrive). We opted to go with the moving company.

We had a great little red silicone microwave popper. It was amazing and rarely had un-popped kernels. As a backup and for when we traveled, we had an air popper, also red. There are only a few boxes left to unpack, less than 10 and none of them are kitchen items. And yes, we have been here 6 months now ~ don’t be rolling your eyes at me unless you’ve moved 2400 miles to a home you purchased from photos only and never set foot in until the day you arrived. (That eye rolling business is fodder for another blog!). You guessed it...we cannot find either popcorn popper. It is one of the great mysteries of life, only God knows where they are and so far He is not revealing the location.

So, I went online, and our darling silicone popper is no longer available, nor is that particular model of air popper. Off to Walmart for a temporary one only they don’t have any air poppers, only the ones using oil so I got it but we aren't all that happy with it. It will do in a pinch but not for the long haul, everywhere I went I watched for a quality popper to no avail. I went back online to Walmart and ordered an air popper (still not the one I want but we are getting desperate) to arrive at the store for pick-up in three days. It arrives and we are thrilled. Popcorn is on the menu that night! I read through the instructions for the first use, following it all carefully, and … nearly catch the kitchen on fire.

There will never be a candled called Burnt Popcorn... I thought about how our LORD was pleased with the aroma of burnt offerings and I am sure burnt popcorn was not among His favorites. My husband came into the kitchen to try to rescue or salvage the situation with no success.

I am sure there is a lesson in this from our LORD but we aren't seeing it yet, except to be diligent in prayer (1 Thessalonians 5:17). I wonder of God ever heard a prayer for a popcorn popper before mine?

LORD help! Do you suppose Alabama isn’t a popcorn state?

As for the butter...we are using substitute venues such as bagels and potatoes and I can’t lie (James 5:16) a sneak of a sliver of butter, just butter on a teaspoon with a hint of kosher salt. But it was lacking something...maybe popcorn.

By Stacey Baer
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