Alabama Weather

Alabama Weather

This is our first year here in our home state of Alabama. Every day there's some new aha moment, well sometimes it's more along the line of "what the Sam Hill?!" moments. (Example: huge funeral procession with the lead vehicle being a car carrier and the dearly departed coffin strapped securely on the trailer...). While we're on that subject, there is a great respect for mourners. Folks pull off the road in silent homage until the procession passes slowly by. Imagine that will you. Paying respect to someone you don't even know, to those suffering. Now that's tender.

Weather here is influential ~ folks tend to plan accordingly as in 'James Spaan says we've got weather coming in on Saturday so the (insert event here) might be rescheduled'. And you've got to appreciate the Saturday night tv weather report advising on what to plan to wear for Sunday worship!

Last week it never got above 35° even with the sun shine. The night skies were bright and thunderous displays of the power and authority of The Creator. Huge spidery lightening and single startling strikes. This week there's a hint of humidity as though God is preparing us for the next season. Folks are sporting t-shirts and flip flops.
And rain is a common topic because well, rain is common conversation here (Conversation in general is common here. Folks spark up with strangers while waiting in some line, examining grocery store shelves, fueling at the gas station, just about anywhere really. Coming from California this took some getting used to. There's a previous validation is being seen and spoken to. I wonder how folks felt when Jesus just jumped in to conversation breaking all barrier rules and regulations. We know that some such as the Samaritan woman at the well just sponged it up but the Sadducee’s and Pharisees not so.) Gosh, where was i? (Now you know why this is known as the Untethered Mind)
Oh yes ~ the rain..."I got an inch and a quarta on my gauge but it might be short cuz we had that sideways wind, what'd you get?".

This morning I went to Bible study (Nehemiah) in a long sleeve shirt with a nice wool wrap, jeans, and boots with wool socks. This afternoon I walked out of the grocery store (btw some folks in line were talking about a new twist on a soda and after they paid for their groceries they handed a couple cans to the folks they were chatting with and told them to enjoy it - that's Alabama) to a humid 68° and when I arrived home the cicadas were tuning up their orchestra. I'm not convinced that it's warming up quite yet so the two down comforters are staying on the bed.

As they say, if you don't like this weather you all just wait and see what's coming!
The only thing I can count on for certain is the Word of God. I've worn out several Bibles over the years taking in His promises and guidance. 2 Timothy 3:16-17. And that is enough for me. How about you?

By Stacey Baer

The Untethered Mind

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