Strong Christian Woman

Strong Christian Woman

Am I the only one that reads the memes about strong independent woman and sometimes just want to curl up and cry. I do not feel like a strong independent woman. I feel depressed, sad, and alone. Life can be overwhelming. Choices I made, maybe I’d like to re-do the decision? Thoughts of the future can flood me at times and I can feel unstable.

Maybe you’d like to change a couple of things in your Life right now that you feel would make things easier? I sometimes feel out of control of my own Life. Responsibilities can seem over whelming when it used to bring me Joy. Living in a fallen world is often very hard. The brokenness of this fallen world - that is not living the way God intended it to - can alter the path of our Life if we let it.

A relationship recently ended for me and it’s been a hard pill to swallow sometimes. Just getting up and getting on with the day can seem like a struggle. I questioned “What do you have in store for me, God? Are you listening to my prayers?” I’d pray please take the pain away! I believe there isn’t a wrong way to pray, but you should ask for what you want knowing that it’s for God’s glory. I decided to pray for God’s will to be done in my Life. I asked for guidance. I prayed for gratitude and thankfulness for the things I DID have in my Life. I changed my perspective.

No matter what your life looks like at street-level God is working above, and your Life is not out of control. Jesus rules over all things, and this is where your Peace is found. Ephesians 1:22 “And he (God) put all things under (Christ’s) feet and gave him head over all things to the church. Jesus rules over all things for the sake of his children.

We will not understand God’s ways. He will confuse us. There will be moments in our lives that we face thinking God, who has declared himself to be good, brings into your life things that won’t seem good. It may even seem bad. I certainly have felt this at times in my Life. If my faith is based on being able to fully understand my past, present and future then it would weaken my faith.

But we are NOT left with just 2 options: Understand everything and rest in peace or understand little and be tormented by sadness and anxiety. The 3rd way is Biblical Faith. The Bible says that real peace is found is Jesus, who holds all the “If-Only and What-ifs.” We need to repeatedly remind ourselves that he is in control of what seems like chaos in our lives. Lasting Peace doesn’t rise and fall with our circumstances, it isn’t found in me picking my Life apart until I have understood all of its components.

I will never understand all of it because God, for my good and his glory keeps some of it under wraps. Peace is found in trust, Trust in HIM and he will give you peace. Jesus knows, understands, he isn’t surprised my chaos, he isn’t confused by my sadness, he isn’t losing a night’s sleep and best of all he doesn’t play favorites. He will give us rest and peace in the moments that Life doesn’t make any sense.

I’m not trying to preach to you that we can’t be strong independent woman. Girlfriends are the best; they lift us up and counsel us in the midst of our come-apart. Friends can be encouraging and validate our independent stance in the world. But when you need to have a good cry, get on your knee’s and tell God your troubles, his mercy is bigger than any of your mistakes, and he wants the best for you. Have Faith and keep in his word daily to become a strong Christian woman. You got this!
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